Promise #3: Fight the Obama Administration’s Attacks on Coal and Gas

The Obama Administration’s war on coal has ravaged West Virginia and other coal producing areas. In the past two years alone 4,000 jobs have been lost in the coal industry in West Virginia and there are now fewer than 100 active coal mines in the state. Much of this is a result of the anti-coal policies of Obama’s EPA.

From shutting down coal fired power plants to revoking mine permits after they’ve already been issued, the Obama Administration has been attacking coal on all fronts. And while coal is their central focus now, they are coming after natural gas next.

West Virginia helps power America’s economy, and tens of thousands of West Virginians count on coal and gas for their livelihood. That’s why I’ve pushed back against the EPA and Obama at every step I can, including:

  • Supporting bills to rein in the EPA and stop excessive regulations that will shutter coal power plants and mines, put people of our work, and increase our energy bills.
  • Introducing more than a dozen bills to help our energy industry, including bills to stop the EPA from retroactively vetoing permits like they did at Spruce Mine, prevent a carbon tax, and stop the government from considering the flawed “social cost” of carbon.
  • Challenging EPA officials on their anti-West Virginia policies from my chair on the Energy and Commerce Committee.

I will continue standing with the men and women of West Virginia who depend on coal and gas for their livelihood, and continue to fight the EPA’s devastating policies at every turn.

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