Promise #1: Create jobs by keeping taxes low and reducing burdensome regulations

The economic recovery is still far too slow and weak, and many West Virginians are struggling to get by. Families are feeling the squeeze with stagnant income and higher costs for energy, food, health care, and education. President Obama’s policies have made it worse.

Excessive regulations and red tape, Obama’s health care law, and a broken tax system are holding back our economy. Using my experience as a small business owner and engineer, I’ve worked to remove those barriers, including:

  • Passing a bill to prevent the EPA from labeling coal ash a hazardous material, which would cost 316,000 jobs.
  • Supporting dozens of bills to reduce excessive red tape and regulations, expand American energy production, and fix our broken tax system.
  • Introducing bipartisan legislation to help bring back American manufacturing by expanding the R&D tax credit and providing incentives for people to invest in abandoned industrial sites.

Nearly fifty jobs bills have passed the House and are now stuck in the Senate thanks to Harry Reid. The status quo is unacceptable. We need to continue fighting to help West Virginia families struggling in the Obama economy.

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