McKinley releases TV Ad "Chilling"

Morgantown, WV -- This week the McKinley for Congress campaign will launch its third television ad of the election cycle. The ad named, “Chilling” is focused on Obama's policies and the chilling effect they have on West Virginia.

“This administration is out of touch with West Virginia. From the War on Coal to Obamacare it is clear that President Obama and his policies are bad for West Virginia," said McKinley. 

"Over the last six months I have held meetings all across West Virginia's First Congressional District and one thing is clear everywhere I go -- West Virginians know this president and his policies have put us on the wrong path. We need to carry our traditions forward to a better West Virginia where our kids and grandchildren are not forced to leave the state to find a job." 

Watch the ad here:

The ad, which will begin airing across the district Friday is backed by a significant buy.


The EPA has a real chilling effect on West Virginia.

We've had more regulations passed in these last five, six years under the Obama Administration than the previous presidents for years have generated.

So this administration I think is out of touch with how America works, it certainly is out of touch with the West Virginia workforce.

If this administration's going to continue this fight, then I want to be there to be their voice to push back against them just as well.

I’m David McKinley and I approve this message.



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