Wheeling Intelligencer: McKinley Needed To Represent Us

Voters in our region of West Virginia made a wise choice six years ago when we sent David McKinley to the U.S. House of Representatives.

President Barack Obama was just beginning his assault on the Mountain State’s economy and on personal freedoms. Obamacare had been enacted, but its full force had not yet come down on Americans.

West Virginia’s First Congressional District had lacked a forceful defender in Congress. We trusted McKinley when he said he would fight for us.

He did that effectively.

Think back just a few years to one of the White House’s attempts to destroy the coal industry and affordable electricity. The Environmental Protection Agency planned crushing new rules on coal ash, a byproduct of generating electricity with that fuel.

McKinley led the fight against that plan — and won.

On a variety of other issues, he has represented West Virginians at a time when few in Washington seemed to care about us.

McKinley is up for re-election this year. Clearly, we should retain him in Congress.

Support for McKinley’s re-election is significant in that it comes from organizations with a wide range of positions on the issues. Often, they differ.

But they agree on McKinley. The Business and Industry Council, United Mine Workers,  West Virginians for Life, West Virginia Education Association, Farm Bureau PAC, State Building and Construction Trades Council, National Rifle Association, National Association of Women Business Owners and many others endorse him.

The Intelligencer endorses McKinley, too. We needed him in Washington six years ago — and we need him even more today.

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