McKinley releases TV Ad "Traditions"

Date: September 10, 2014 
Contact: Thomas Midanek 
Cell: 304-873-4167 

Today, the McKinley for Congress campaign released its first ad of the election cycle. The ad named “Traditions” is focused on our West Virginia way of life and highlights different traditions based on region. 

“Our West Virginia traditions are worth fighting for. Today, too many in Washington want to attack our West Virginia way of life, from the War on Coal to Obamacare it is clear that liberal politicians in Washington DC do not understand West Virginia,” said David McKinley. “From pepperoni rolls to DiCarlo's pizza to the Sistersville Ferry, West Virginia and our way of life is worth fighting for, I will never stop standing up for West Virginia.”

The ad which will begin airing Today will feature three different versions to highlight different traditions in West Virginia's First Congressional District.

In the Parkersburg media market the ad will feature the Sistersville ferry, which is the oldest ferry between West Virginia and Ohio and has been in operation since 1817.

Watch the ad:


In the Clarksburg media market the ad will feature a father and son eating pepperoni rolls. Pepperoni rolls are a West Virginia specialty that have been feeding our West Virginia coal miners for generations.

Watch the ad:


In the Wheeling media market the ad will feature a father and son eating DiCarlo's pizza on the back of a tailgate. DiCarlo's has been serving their famous square pizza in Wheeling for more than 65 years. 

Watch the ad:



Traditions, our way of life…..

…they make us unique…

We pass them down…

….because they deserve it…

...go ahead…try to stop us.

We will fight back.

We will carry our traditions forward

and have an America where our kids can do better

not leave our state to find a job.

Because West Virginia traditions are worth fighting for.

I’m David McKinley, I’ll never stop fighting, and I approve this message.

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