ICYMI: McKinley Jobs Plan Thoughtful

The Intelligencer  / Wheeling News-Register

Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va., lists as his top priority ensuring that West Virginia's economy is healthy. His approach to job creation is thoughtful and comprehensive.

During meetings with area business people this week, McKinley outlined a package of proposals to reinvigorate manufacturing. No doubt it came as good news to local residents who understand manufacturing's importance to the Ohio Valley.

A standard politician's reaction to unemployment in a region such as ours is to offer new job training programs. That is part of the McKinley plan. A bill he sponsored to that end was approved by the House of Representatives last month. It would help workers ensure they have 21st century skills.

Not content to stop there, McKinley also has sponsored other legislation. One bill would provide tax credits for companies that provide new jobs in empty manufacturing facilities. Another would aid companies and employees who lost jobs because of unfair foreign competition. Still another measure would help local firms do battle in the International Trade Commission against such unfair foreign trade tactics.

McKinley's package is realistic and goal-oriented - rather than being the type of offering so many politicians make. Both the House and Senate should approve his proposals, then President Barack Obama should sign them into law.



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