Endorsement: Smart Transportation

Date: April 11, 2014 
For additional information contact: 
James Stem: 202-543-7714 
Mark Mewshaw: 304-626-5720 

Congressman McKinley endorsed by The Transportation Division of SMART

The Transportation Division of SMART, formerly the United Transportation Union, officially endorses Representative David McKinley for reelection to Congress to WV-1. 

Representative McKinley has been a strong supporter of both worker safety issues and job issues in Congress. “He is constantly working to create good paying jobs and trying to keep the ones we have,’ said James Stem, SMART-Transportation Division National Legislative Director. Stem continued “He has been has been a leader in providing reasonable solutions on issues related to coal and has been with us when extremists have tried to eliminate our nation’s unions or weaken workers’ rights on the job. He has stood with us and we will stand with him.” 

Mark Mewshaw, the SMART-Transportation Division West Virginia Legislative Director added “Representative McKinley is a person that works with us and others as we try to bring good paying jobs to West Virginia. He gets things done in Washington - not a back-bencher who sits around and waits to vote on someone else’s misguided proposal.” 

The SMART-Transportation Division represents 80,000 transportation employees with active rail members living and working across West Virginia. They work in all railroad operating crafts including engineers, conductors, trainmen, hostlers, switchmen and yardmasters. 

Mewshaw continued “We are committed to helping reelect Congressman McKinley with financial help and making sure our members and others know of his excellent work in Washington, DC”. 


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