David McKinley is an independent voice for West Virginia.



  • David has stood up for the people of West Virginia, even when it meant disagreeing with his party. He voted four times against the Republican budget in order to protect seniors, opposed unfair trade deals that hurt American jobs, and has worked to ensure our coal miners are able to keep the retirement and healthcare they’ve earned.
  • David has made a point to work across the aisle and find common ground, and has been a leader on issues like increasing access to lifesaving medicine, promoting energy efficiency, and improving our children’s education.
  • Virtually every single bill and amendment David has introduced has had bipartisan support.
  • His strong independent voice is why David has been endorsed by business and labor and every major newspaper in the First District.
    • As the Wheeling Intelligencer wrote, “The list of endorsements of him merits notice because of its depth and breadth. Both union and business groups back him. So do the Farm Bureau, National Rifle Association, West Virginia Coal Association and West Virginians for Life, to name just a few.”
    • And the Times West Virginian said, “But we think McKinley’s message is different…The congressman also constantly holds roundtable discussions with elected officials, those from the business sector, veterans, students, teachers, leaders in the community. Because that’s who he answers to, and that’s who he serves — the people of West Virginia.”
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