Congressman McKinley Listens to Small Town Issues

Written by Erin MacPherson, WDTV

Congressman David McKinley spent his day Tuesday in three parts of the Mountain State, two areas being right in our backyard, Salem and West Union. He said small towns have the same issues as big cities and those issues need to be heard in Washington.

5 News met up with Congressman McKinley in Doddridge County Tuesday for one of his roundtable discussions. He sat down with county officials as well as community members to talk about the issues they're facing. The main concern was lack of funding for sewer and water, which has been an issue for years.

Recently there's been a different concern with people saying they're frustrated with the oil and gas industry. Community members told McKinley about the roads being torn up by truck traffic and their fear of their water and air supply being polluted. McKinley said after hearing these concerns he hopes he can help make a difference.

"It gives me some focus when I go back to see how we can address those issues in a better way. So our job here is to hear how serious it is for them and try to help them prioritize and then help them get grant money if we can," said Congressman David McKinley. 

Congressman McKinley told 5 News he's also concerned about the next generation of people here and that he wants us to grow as a state, have more job opportunities, and to have overall better economic development.

Community members and county officials were pleased with the discussion Tuesday and hope something will come out of it to benefit the area.

"It's going to take a partnership between the county, the state, and the oil and gas companies. They want it to happen after they're done and the people have to live with the problems all during that time," said Greg Robinson, Doddridge County Commissioner. 

McKinley finished up in his third area in Ritchie County, but said he'll continue to hear the concerns of small town citizens and work with them to find a solution

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