Congressman McKinley Discusses Highway Bill in Parkersburg

Written by Todd Baucher, Ashley Rittenhouse, The News Center 

Congressman David McKinley brings the highway bill discussion to Parkersburg.


McKinley says lawmakers have been working on an extension for that funding.

He says extending the funding without creating a tax increase is important.

McKinley says legislation was passed earlier this week and now it's in the Senate.

He says the senate will likely consider it as is and then it will be presented to the President.

"It was important in two respects. One, it protects our jobs, keeps things going. And secondly is, we did it without any tax hike. Everyone's struggling to balance their purses, pocketbooks and checkbooks. This is not the time to be raising taxes on people," he says.

West Virginia gets $425 million from the fund for highway projects.



Congress is working on a funding package to keep the federal highway trust fund from running out of money in early August.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx talked about the problem Monday in Charleston at a transportation summit with state officials.

West Virginia gets $425 million from that fund for highway projects.

"We feel good about the comments made by our congressional delegation," State Department of Transportation spokesman Brent Walker said Tuesday, "that we can get a plan in place that everyone can live with, and continue to move forward with some really important projects around West Virginia."

The House has passed a bill that would temporarily patch over a multibillion-dollar pothole in federal highway and transit programs.

The vote was 367 to 55. A similar bill is pending in the Senate.

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