Congressman McKinley Continues to Fight for Rural America

Written by Erin MacPherson, WDTV

Last week Congressman David McKinley visited multiple communities in our area to talk about the issues small towns face and the importance of rural America. Monday, the congressman had another busy day, but this time he stayed in Harrison County.

5 News met up with him in Stonewood and it was just like last week this was more of a sit down discussion. Community officials got to talk about the issues happening right here and Congressman McKinley stressed how important it is for these concerns to be heard in Washington.

Stonewood officials focused on three major issues: water and sewer problems, the road conditions, and their police force. The road conditions along with water and sewer problems seem to be something we hear happening everywhere, but the police force is specific to this area. The community members want to make sure they can keep their force alive to keep out crime and keep residents safe.

The Stonewood Mayor said even though they would like help financially on all of these three major issues, they still try to do as much as they can on their own. Right now, if you drive through Stonewood you'll see some roads blocked off and work being done to help their water system.

"The cast iron lines were creating water loss problems because they were breaking. Every time you put a drop of water on the ground it costs you money. We needed to get that under control and the best way to do it was to replace the cast iron lines with the PVC," said Jeff Lawrence, Stonewood Mayor.  

All three issues discussed are major concerns all over, but Congressman McKinley also talked about the importance of creating more jobs and expanding in the area.

"You can't build a nation that we can all step back and remember with pride, this is that shining city on the hill if all it offers is part-time jobs. We have to get America back to where its churning again with it's economic development and you don't do it with part-time," said Congressman David McKinley. 

McKinley plans to continue working with small town communities all over to help rural America.

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